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It all makes sence

I am a man of science and so I believe that nothing can't be explianed by science and reject anything that is not supported by science so as a result I do not believe god and any form of religion although this has shown me that science can prove that anything in the bible did happen but religion looks at it in a different perspective and belive that some holy person in the sky made it happen though it would have been caused by natural happenings which is supported by science.
DO NOT REJECT THIS!!! Expand your mind, listen and judge it from a scientific point of veiw, you just might learn something. Anyone who closes there mind to stuff like this is likely an idiot.

Creepy yet fantastic

I always enjoy these videos. though this one is a bit confusing


This was great the jokes where perfect and the animation was awesome, and the sound was awesome too. I wish I could make something as good as this but I suppose I never will :( but any way this is fantastic and has earned itself a 10/10

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I seem to be experiencing the same thing that 'pokemonchix' is experiencing...
Well apart from that this is a very unique concept that I didn't even know was possible... I must know how you did this. This game does seem like one of those things where the creator is using the game to expiriment on something new and see how people like it.... so what i'm trying to say is, this new concept could be used in so many feilds... it just needs expanding into something huge then it would be even more fantastic.

Tzai responds:

Hello Clozal, thanks for playing! First of all may I know if the problem you experienced is the Z button not reacting? If you would do us a great favour can you please send us your OS, browser and keyboard layout through a pm? We are investigating this issue and as we cannot reproduce the error on our machines it's hard for us to know exactly why some of you guys cannot press the Z. As for the music recognition , you are definitely right in saying we will be expanding this technology in other areas as well, we spent lots of effort developing it and we want to put it to great use!


This game doesn't seem to work for me I can't collect the damn food... why?
am I doing something wrong if so tell me because from what everone else has said it's awesome and stuff
p.s. the reason i'm giving this a ten is because I don't want to lower your avarage
KrangGAMES just because I can't play because I don't know how to or because my computer won't let it work for me.


A thousand times better then the last mostly because it has a challange in it and it seems more like a game and not just some stupid thing nwhere your character just falls off a platform and dies (not that great) but this.... I LOVE IT!!!
keep em coming!
maybe the next one would be called "Regurgitating :The Game" LOL :)

Hey everyone! I'm new on Newgrounds and i'm not very good at using Flash but I do now what makes a good game so expect good games in the next couple of months!

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