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Legend of Garthra

2011-01-24 03:29:07 by Clozal

Yes I am working on Kirby's copy ability's but I am also working on a game called "Legend of Garthra". Here is the story: Once upon a time long long ago there lived an evil dark spirit named... Garthra.
Garthra was so evil that he almost took over the galaxy
But he was stoped by the spirits of light.
The spirit's of light couldn't destroy Garthra so they sealed him inside a jelew called
"The Gem Of Clear".
The only way to release Garthra is to collect the 4 charms ,one from each planet.
A charm of steel, a charm of fire, a charm of ice and a charm of plazma.
Evil doers from everywhere have tried collecting these charms
to realese Garthra but they have all failed. But someone very powerfull is
going for the charms this time.
Someone who might succeed this time. Sound cool or what! Bett you can't wait.


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