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Kirby's Copy Ability's

2011-01-13 05:54:40 by Clozal

Soon I am going to finish a flash called: Kirby's Copy Ability's. Now you all should know who Kirby is... and you should also know that he can copy ability's from certain enemy's.... WELL i'm making a parody about these ability's. It's not finished yet but in a few day's it should be. Oh and i'm not going to put all of kirb's copy ability's in one flash i'm going to break it up. There will be 3 copy ability's per flash i make about it so there going to be Kirby's Copy Ability's 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on until i've covered all of it.


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2011-01-13 11:25:41

DOnt feel bad about being blammed. Looked an ok game, but with a few main things missing.